Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is enacted whenever you utilise our website or register for any of our services within. This policy is designed to help our customers understand how we:

-collect your personal information and why

-how your collected information is utilized

-the choices you have when it comes to providing your information, and dictating the way that we share that information.

-how your information is protected upon being collected

How Your Information Is Collected and Why

Your personal information is only collected if you decide to sign up for our services, or if you choose to contact our site with any queries. Some of the information that we may ask you to provide at this time is: your name, your mobile telephone number, your email address, your sex, your address, and your birthday.

This information is collected, and used to allow us to personalize your experience, when utilizing our site. If you register for any of the services rendered on this site, we need to ensure that we are able to get you the information that you require, the only way that we can accomplish this feat, is by having some personal information about you.

How Is Your Information Used?

Your information is used to increase your site experience. We will tailor certain products and services to your needs. At times, we may also send you newsletters, or ask that you participate in some of the activities that our site has going on. We will never share your information with any third parties, unless you provide us with consent that you have allowed this activity to commence.

Choices You Have Regarding Data Collection

You have the right to refuse to provide us with any personal information. We do not require you to give us any of your personal information in order to be able to utilize our site. The only time we will require personal data from you is if you contact us, or if you want to receive some of the services that we render. It is up to you, if you would like to provide us with your information or not.

Do We Utilise Cookies?

There are a lot of websites that utilize cookies in order to increase the user friendliness of their sites. However, we do not engage in these types of activities. Cookies can be used to track where you are online, and what you do online. This is intended to make your experience on the internet tailored to your needs and your interests. Even though many websites may believe that cookies are a good thing, we adhere to your privacy, and therefore, have chosen not to utilize cookies.

Policy Modifications

We have the right to alter this privacy policy at any time, without the consent of our users. It is your obligation to remain abreast with the information that is included in this policy. Any time that an update is made the amended policy will take precedence over this one. If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy we implore you to contact us. When contacting us, please wait at least seventy two hours for a reply.